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podberry is a journaling app designed for writers who want to write creatively, who want to be able to capture everything that they have experienced, and, in a platform that that looks great.

When I looked at all the journaling apps availble today.

The wellness benefits of journal writing is indisputable – it’s right up there with meditation but much more fun.

Journaling is not just about writing any more. Today’s journalists want a platform where they can creatively capture their experiences, their thoughts, their mood, organize their thoughts, get inspired, engage with others, and much much more.

At podberry, we listen to what journalists want and continually enhance the podberry platform to deliver the best experience to our users. We built podberry to provide journalists the best platform to write creatively and get value out of their content, and to do so in an engaging and fun way.


Why Podberry

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** Easy Creativity ** Write easily and creatively – WYSIWYG Attach videos, pictures, links, locations Beautify with different backgrounds


** Private ** Write privately when you want privacy – no one else can see


** Valuable Content ** View entries on a timeline, calendar or map Organize entries into folders Print out your journal in a book


** Engaging ** Journal-together with your loved ones Gain inspiration from like-minded individuals Share your entries with others


It’s very convenient for me to write wherever I go. I write whenever I am sitting and waiting. It’s addictive! – Annie Li


“It’s so much more than just a journal. It helps me organize my life.” – Hamza Zia


The only journal I use” – Olivia Liu