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Hi! Welcome to podberry’s homepage!

podberry is a journaling app that helps you achieve mental wellness goals.

It’s designed both for seasoned journalists as well as beginners.

Join podberry’s pods – e.g. mindfulness, relationships, organization, foodies – and get support and inspiration from other journalists who want to achieve the same goals.

Or, you can create a personal pod with your loved one to learn more about each other.



Why Podberry

Designed to help you achieve your journal writing goals whatever they may be.

podberry combines the creativity and flexibility of a wysiwyg editor with the supportiveness of pods to provide the journalists with guidance and real-life inspiration.

Experience it for yourself!

** Achieve Goals **
Pod-based support to help you achieve your goals Templates to guide you

** Easy Creativity **
Write easily and creatively – wysiwyg editor
Attach inline videos, images, links, locations and beautify with different background themes

** Private **
Write privately when you want privacy – no one else can see

** Valuable Content **
View entries on a timeline, calendar or map
Organize your daily writings into different journals Find places you have been to
Print out your journal in a book

** Engaging **
Journal-together with your loved ones
Gain inspiration from like-minded individuals
Share your entries with others


It’s very convenient for me to write wherever I go. I write whenever I am sitting and waiting. It’s addictive! – Annie Li


“It’s so much more than just a journal. It helps me organize my life.” – Hamza Zia


The only journal I use” – Olivia Liu