The First Community- and AI-GUIDED Journaling App


podberry is a game changer in the world of journal writing. podberry integrates pods (communities) and AI with a full-featured journaling platform to provide a journaling experience that keeps you writing!


Why do we need podberry?

Most people had at some point in their lives wanted to write a journal – simply because the benefits of journal writing are well-known: from memorialising your thoughts, feelings and experiences to being the panacea for healthy and successful living. It’s no wonder that many of the most outstanding people in the world are journal writers. However, there are also many who have fallen on the wayside – it’s just a difficult practice to get in the habit of doing. This is where podberry excels…


podberry lets you express yourself!

To begin with, being able to present your writings in your own style is very important in journal writing – it’s a lot about self-expression. You need to be proud of your journal so podberry enables you to create journals in your own style and express yourself however you want to as much as possible. podberry is equipped with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that can embed media and multiple locations inline. It also enables you to customize your journal through themes. With podberry, the journal you create reflects your personalized style.



podberry’s AI is like having a friend sworn to secrecy

Writing a journal alone can be a lonesome activity making it hard to maintain. While having a social group to write together can be helpful, many of us want to keep our journals private. We want privacy and we want social engagement – much like having a friend who’s sworn to secrecy giving you comments on your journal. That’s the experience that podberry provides! podberry’s AI is like having a friend work with you on your journaling journey. Your writing can remain private to you, but your AI friend, who’s sworn to secrecy, can remark on your journal posts to help you improve on your writing style and nudge you along.



podberry gives you a human touch

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we believe journaling should help us become better people and help us lead healthier and more successful lives. And as with most things, there’s no one solution that fits all. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and preferences on how we could benefit from journal writing. Instead of coming up with a formula for successful journal writing, podberry nurtures pods (communities) of real people with similar goals to provide the learning and support style that best resonates with you. After all, nothing can replace the support we get from the human touch.


Why Podberry



Learn the best ways to write a journal and achieve your journaling goals with the help of pod members and podberry AI
Get inspiration from others
Share journal entries when you want to (or keep them private)
Create a personal pod with your friends or family and journal together


WYSIWYG editor with inline media embedding
Beautiful themes for your journals
Embed multiple inline locations, images, videos within a post
Guided writing using templates
Content organized by journals, locations and tags
View entries on a timeline, calendar or map


Write privately when you want privacy – no one else can see


Order a physical book and keep a hardcopy of your life’s history


It’s very convenient for me to write wherever I go. I write whenever I am sitting and waiting. It’s addictive! – Annie Li


“It’s so much more than just a journal. It helps me organize my life.” – Hamza Zia


The only journal I use” – Olivia Liu