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Let’s Journal Together… or not

With podberry, you and your loved ones can journal together. It’s one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship and foster better communication. Or if you just want a safe place where you can capture your thoughts and express your creativity, podberry is a powerful platform for writing.

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Why Podberry

Join millions of podberry users and nurture a healthier and brighter you!

podberry is a full-featured group journal providing a safe and secure place to write both privately and together with people with similar interests and lifestyles. podberry creates safe spaces called pods where like minded people can share real stories, real experiences, and real inspiration. There are pods for inspiration, pods for foodies, pods for fitness and health, and many others.

Experience it for yourself!

– Write easily using templates
– Personalize content with rich text and fonts
– Attach videos, pictures, links, locations
– Organize entries by template type, folder, location and categories
– View entries on a timeline, calendar or map
– Tag pictures with labels and links
– Create a journal with others (multi-authors – pro-edition)

– Write privately when you want privacy – no one else can see

– Join pods to gain inspiration and share experiences/writings
– Share journal entries when you want to
– Engage and chat with other journalists
– Use pod-specific journal entry templates
– Create friend pods

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A New NEW NEW Type of Journal

Try it out for yourself.  


“I journal, you journal, let’s all journal!” – Annie Li

“It’s really not just a journal.” – Hamza Zia

“The only journal i use” – Olivia Liu