Bump Types

Bump Types do two things:

1) They help Bumpers quickly know what type of information is being shared, and
2) Like templates, they are designed to make the creation of the bump more efficient for what you would like to share. Also, some Bump Types have functionality that are only available to them. 

In the table below, we will go through the various Bump Types available in the Bumping App. New Bump Types will be added as we discover new ways Bumpers like to share.

POST Bump Type Group

Post bump types are primarily for sharing content with Bumpers or for keeping track of things for yourself. 

Category=Share a placePost

Share a place

This bump type is for sharing your experience at a physical location. It could be a restaurant, a salon, or even a park. 

Category=Share an articlePost

Share an article

This bump type is for content that has more structure and curation. Article bumps can have sub-bumps which would be great for creating best places type articles (e.g. Top 10 Dim Sum Restaurants in Hong Kong). It also enables rich-text to be used in the bump since articles should look well-designed. 

Category=Share a great eatsPost

Share a great eat

This bump type is for recommending a restaurant. In the future, we will have restaurant-specific fields as a template for this bump type.

Category=Share a must seePost

Share a must see

Want to tell your Bumpers about some place they have got to see? This is the bump type to use. 


Share a great deal

Found a great deal that Bumpers should not miss out on? Tell them about the promotion using this bump type. 

Category=Share something newPost

Share something new

Found something new worth telling Bumpers about? Use this bump type to let them know about it.

Category=Share informationPost

Share some information

A bump type for informational content.

Category=Leave a GraffitiPost

Share some graffiti

Feeling artistic? Let Bumpers see your creative side using this bump type. 

Category=Share a secretPost

Share a secret

A secret should be shared with a small group like your close friends. Use this with your friends-only groups. 

Category=Share SomethingPost

Share something

You want to share something that doesn’t quite fit with the other bump types? Use this generic bump type. 

Chat Bump Type Group

Chat bump types tell Bumpers that you want a response. 

Category=Start a chatChat

Start a chat

You want to share something that doesn’t quite fit with the other bump types? Use this generic bump type. 

Category=Ask a QuestionChat

Ask a question

You want to share something that doesn’t quite fit with the other bump types? Use this generic bump type. 

Category=I'm boredChat

I’m bored!

You want to share something that doesn’t quite fit with the other bump types? Use this generic bump type. 

Shoutouts Bump Type Group

Shoutout bump types require more advanced academic levels before they are enabled. These bump types notify nearby Bumpers of something going on. 



A friendly shoutout to your nearby Bumpers.

Category=Share a nearby eventShoutout


Tell nearby Bumpers of an event here.



General alert – Bumpers be on the lookout!



What’s going on with the traffic?

Category=Lost PetShoutout

Lost pet

Bumpers, please be on the lookout for this pet!

Category=Offer a promotionShoutout


Flash sale going on here!

Emotions Bump Type Group

Emotion bump types are only for friends-only pods. (You cannot post them to agora pods.) They are used to express more emotion at a place more candidly. 

Category=Leave a heartEmotion

Heart emotion

“I love this”; “I really enjoyed this”

Category=Drop a poopEmotion

Poop emotion

“I really didn’t like this”; “I want to throw a poop at this place”

Category=Leave a noteEmotion


“I got a message for you”

Surprise bump types do not show up on the intended recipients’ app until they are near the location where the surprise is left. When they do arrive at the location, they will get a notification that they stepped on the surprise (or not)! For surprises to work, the recipient Bumper needs to have location services enabled for the Bumping App and “Bump Me” enabled for the Friends-only pod. 

Category=Share a secret heartEmotion

Heart surprise

“A surprise to remind you of good times”

Category=Leave a secret poopEmotion

Poop surprise

“A surprise trap for you”

Category=Leave a secret noteEmotion

Note surprise

“A surprise message for you”

Category=Drop a secret eggEmotion

Egg surprise

“Something for you to find”

Category=Drop a bombEmotion

Bomb surprise

“You’re bombed!”