Create agora pod

Create a new pod and name it something like “Fairy Doors In Hong Kong”, and enter a description for its objectives:

1. Go to the Pod List page by selecting the middle icon in the bottom navigation bar. 

2. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right.

3. Select “Create Agora Pod”.

4. On the Create Agora Pod page, enter:

Pod name: your pod’s name “Fairy Doors in Hong Kong”.

Location: the pod’s location will be used to show nearby pods in the Pod List Page so position it where Bumpers are most likely to look for it. If the pod is not specific to any location and Bumpers across the world would find it valuable (e.g. Cheap Eats Foodies) then designate it a Global Pod. For Fairy Doors in Hong Kong, while the pod is not specific to any location, more Bumpers might look for this pod where fairy doors became popular: Bowen Road. 

Privacy: select the pod’s visibility. A public pod can be joined by any Bumper and its content is publicly viewable (even by non-members). A private pod can be found, but Bumpers must request to join the pod and be approved before they can see its content. A closed pod is hidden, and Bumpers must be invited to the pod. 
For Fairy Doors in Hong Kong, let’s make it public. 

Description: tell Bumpers what this pod is about. Enter something like “Let’s find all the fairy doors in Hong Kong and track and keep them to memory here!”

Secondary Description: this is where pod rules go. A basic set of rules is “Content posted in this pod should be relevant to Bumpers interested in fairy doors. Please do not sell products or services.”