Engage Bumpers

Engage the Bumpers in your pod

Encourage Your Founding Members to Post Often 

In the early stages of building a pod, it is a good idea to show activity and passion in the pod.  So make sure you post and post often, and get your founding members to do the same. Take them out to brunch if you think that would help. Keep your posts interesting and engaging. Share posts that spark discussions. Ask your Bumpers questions. Respond to their questions. Post different Bump Types. Use videos and images where appropriate.   

Having a lot of posts not only shows activity and passion, but it also sets an example of not only of the type of content you want on the pod, but also the tone, candor, style, and responsiveness of your pod – essentially your pod’s culture. New members considering to join your pod would know the style of content and behavior expected.

Make Your Bumps Look Good

Enrich your bumps (illustration is Article Bump Type):
1. Use rich-text to enhance the aesthetics of your description, your experience, your thoughts, what you find interesting. 
2. Attach images and video to spice up your bump.
3. Attach a link to an external site or a link to another bump so Bumpers can get more information. 
4. Tag the location to this bump (if applicable) to let users know where the place is, or…
5. …if the Bump Type is an Article, you can also create sub-bumps: one for each place your article references.
6. Select the Fairy Doors in Hong Kong pod to which to post this bump .
7. Every bump will be saved to one of your personal folders. You can change the folder destination here if you wish.

Enable “Bump Me”

A great feature on the Bumping App is the “Bump Me” feature. It allows Bumpers to bump into one another virtually! Enabling “Bump Me” on a pod means that you can bump into a “bump” (a post) left by a Bumper from the pod. If your pod’s content helps Bumpers discover places, encourage your members to enable “Bump Me”. It enables Bumpers to see your bump in context of the location. It’s a fun way to share experiences and discoveries!

Tag Individuals

Sometimes, it would make Bumpers feel needed and special if you tag <@username> the Bumper in your bump. The Bumper will get a notification and other Bumpers can see the value that Bumper is providing.

To tag a user, simply start with the ‘@’ character in the text field and continue with the intended username. Autocomplete will show you the matching users available. Select the one you want.

Vote, Vote, Vote

Getting upvotes on a bump is a form of reward. It is not only a token of appreciation, upvotes give the recipient Apples, which will help advance the author up the academic ladder: from Freshman to Doctorate to being a Bumpasaurus! Being at a higher academic level grants the Bumper greater voting power – greater influence on bumps; the visibility of a bump increases with the number of upvotes it gets. Higher level Bumpers also get access to certain features on the Bumping App. Giving upvotes is free, so give and give often – but only to those bumps that deserve them!

1. Bumper, the dino at the upper left corner of the Home Page, will dress up to the occasion. If you’re Sophomore, Bumper would don the Sophomore hat. 
2.& 3. Click on the rewards drop down to see how many more apples it would take to get to the next academic level!