Bumping FAQs

What is the Bumping App for?

The Bumping App is a lifestyle app that delivers trustworthy and relevant curation to you for everything related to your lifestyle! 

What does “BumpMe” do?

Enabling “BumpMe” on a pod means you would virtually “bump” into (be push-notified) the posts of the pod when you come close to the physical location of the bump. You would also get push-notified when you come close to Bumpie assets (e.g. clothing for Bumpie) so that you can pick them up. This means you would not miss out on any fun, great recommendations, deals, content, etc. You would, however, only be notified once for a bump. (Coming to the location a second time would not notify you.)

To enable BumpMe, you need ensure you have:

1) Granted “Always On” location services on your device for the Bumping App

2) Enabled BumpMe on one ore more pods.