Grow the Pod

Having the Right Members Is Key

Encourage your current members invite others to the pod

As soon as you’ve established a pod culture (i.e. interest topic, types of content, language, etc.), encourage your Bumpers to spread the word and invite others to the pod. It’s usually the case that the more members you have in your pod, the more value you will get out of it. (Of course, there are times when you really only want a few close, trusted friends as part of your pod – you can do that too.)

Remember that there are two different audiences you can invite: existing Bumpers and those who are not yet Bumpers. The “Invite People” button on the Pod Profile page is to invite existing Bumpers, and the “Share Pod” option, upon clicking the 3-dots on the same page, is for inviting people outside of the app. 

Bumpers can share bumps to people outside of the Bumping App as well. So it would be beneficial to create a bump that describes the objectives of the pod and have your Bumpers share that bump to their friends. 

Sharing a bump is very much the same as sharing a pod. Click on the 3-dots at the upper-right corner of the Bump Detail page, and select the Share option. 

Make it easy for Bumpers to find your pod

As mentioned in the “Create a Pod” section, make sure your pod’s location is somewhere where Bumpers would look for your pod. For instance, if your pod is a retail store pod, locate the pod at your store’s location. As mentioned before, if you’re locating the Fairy Doors in Hong Kong pod, you could locate it at “Hong Kong” but doing so would make it harder for Bumpers to find. It would make the pod more visible if it’s located where you know passionate fairy doors Bumpers would look for a pod – like at Bowen Road. 

In the future, the Bumping App will offer assigning multiple locations to a pod, but for now, it can only be assigned to one location. However, bumps, which are posted at various locations, help to drive traffic to your pod as Bumpers don’t have to be a member of a public pod to see its bumps on their Nearby Bumps view. 

Use Shoutouts

Shoutouts try to emulate someone calling out to nearby people to get their attention. Shoutouts work great for alerting nearby people of a lost pet, theft, amber alert, or even a flash sale. Shoutouts reachout to any nearby Bumper that doesn’t block Shoutout notifications – even if they are not part of your pod.

You can also use Shoutouts to alert nearby Bumpers of something that might be of interest to them from your pod, but if it isn’t relevant to them – they might block you! Use Shoutouts sparingly.

Gain Votes to Increase Popularity of Your Bumps

The more upvotes your bump gets, the greater its visibility. A highly voted bump will be shown on the Popular Bumps page, and will get more views from other Bumpers. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags on bumps is a way to categorize bumps. Followers of hashtags can see bumps tagged with the followed hashtag from public pods even if they are members of the pod.