This Bumping Guide introduces the various features in the Bumping App. This is simply a guide – the Bumping App is a very versatile tool, and, every day, Bumpers are finding new ways to use it to express their creativity.

First, let’s introduce some terminology:

Bumping Terminology


Like community, a pod is a connected group of people with similar interests, values and lifestyle. The Bumping App has 2 types of pods:

Agora pods: The Bumping App brings back the “agora” which is a public gathering place from long ago where people come together to learn about what’s going on in town, what’s new, discuss matters, and buy and sell in the marketplace. With the Bumping App, Agoras are everywhere you go. You can virtually meet, learn and discuss with locals!

Agora pods are generally for large numbers of Bumpers, and can be:

  • Public – Bumpers can join and see its content.
  • Private – Bumpers must request to join a private pod. Non-members cannot see a private pod’s content, but can see that the pod exists.
  • Closed – Bumpers must be invited to join a closed pod. Non-members cannot see a private pod’s content, nor can they see that the pod exists.
Friends-only pods: There are times when we have things to share or recommendations that are not suitable for the general public. For example, you personally know the chef at a restaurant. You might just want to share that with your close friends. Or, you might just want to share something trivial that only your friends would find funny. That is why the Bumping App has pods dedicated to friends only so you can share secrets, have fun and share nonsensical posts!
Friends-only pods are like closed agora pods as non-members would not know these pods existed and cannot see their content. But, unlike closed agora pods, friends-only pods allow Bump Surprises and Emotions to be left for friends.

Bumpers are the users of the Bumping App. As a Bumper, you have joined a community of people that help each other in finding the most suitable services, places and products. You will be enriched with knowledge of the best and the latest, and have access to great deals as well. 

A Podster is a Bumper who is a pod master. Any Bumper can be a Podster, but being a good Podster requires a lot of hard work. The Podster is responsible for growing and nurturing a pod and its members. Cuddles to Podsters who manage to build a pod from zero to thousands!

A bump is any post on the Bumping App. It’s what a Bumper could “bump” into. 

There are different types of bumps:  “Share a Place” – bump type is used by Bumpers to share with others their experience at one place. The “Share an Article” bump type, as another example, is used by Bumpers to share a more in depth article about their favorite places. Check out the different types of bumps that you could post on the Bumping App!

Learn more about bump types…

Bumping Dino     Bumpie is a Bumpasaurus who is bright, very street-smart, always excited, fun, sociable, and adventurous. Bumpie loves to share its opinion all the time. Best of all, Bumpie is always connected to every Bumper. Bumpie epitomizes what it means to be a Bumper, and so we have created a Bumpasaurus designation in honor of Bumpie that would be bestowed on exemplary Bumpers. Hopefully you would be a Bumpasaurus one day!

I know you’re anxious to learn more about the Bumping App so let’s get started!

Bumping ToolKit

The vision for the Bumping App is to make people feel part of the local community wherever they go. Bumpers would know other Bumpers everywhere so that they would feel safe, in-the-know, and not alone. To bring that vision to fruition, building vibrant local pods is the foundation. Building a vibrant pod is not easy, but, with the Bumping App, Bumpie, and your help, we can make it happen. Now, let’s take a look at the Bumping App and see how it’s designed for local pod building.


Bumpers’ Guide

How to Use the Bumping App

The Bumping App is designed with a focus on enabling the curation of anything for specific pods of people by trustworthy people. 

  • Pods for Sharing Common Interests: Passionate about cafes, restaurants, fashion, or even fairy doors? Join or create the relevant pod and find those places of common interest together with your pod members. Find and share your stories about fairy doors! Share your passion for fine foods or anything of interest. Discover what is good and what is bad from people you can trust!

  • Be In-the-Know Wherever You Are: At a district you’re not familiar with? Don’t know what is going on? Get to know what’s happening now like you’re a local – check out what pods are active at your location and find out what is going on or join in the discussions. It’s like you’re joining in an open group discussion where you are – at an agora or wet market or anywhere!

  • Marketplace of Products Suitable for You: Like the Home Shopping Network, fellow Bumpers can post recommendations for products that they believe you will value, and you can even purchase them on the Bumping App!
These are just a few examples of what you can do with the Bumping App. There’s so much more you can do! Discover for yourself

Podsters’ Guide

How to Build a Vibrant Pod

First, thank you for making the world a better place. Building vibrant pods help people lead healthier lives. 

So, how do Bumpers build a pod? Let’s use an example. Let’s say you want to build a pod called “Fairy Doors in Hong Kong” because you want to build a local community for Bumpers who share your passion for fairy doors. How would you start? How would you go about making Fairy Doors in Hong Kong a vibrant pod?

Here are some steps you could take to build the Fairy Doors in Hong Kong Pod with the Bumping App: (Click on them to learn more.)

Sounds easy?  Building successful pods is how the Bumping App will bring back the sense of community, but it can’t do it without your help. Take a minute, and get your friends to join you in building a local pod!