Invite Members

Invite Founding members to your pod

There are two types of audience you would invite:

1) Existing Bumpers (users on the Bumping App)
2) People who are not yet users

Inviting Existing Bumpers

1. On your newly created pod’s profile page, click on Invite people

2. Search for users you know by username, and invite them. They will receive a notification and have the option of accepting your invite. 

Inviting People From Outside Bumping App

1. On the pod’s profile page, click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner

2. Click on Share Pod

3. Share the pod’s link to people you know via a media channel: email, Whatsapp, etc. Your invitees, upon clicking the link on their phones, will be:

1) Directed to the AppStore to download the app, and
2) Shown your pod profile page – after launching the app and going through the on-boarding process – where they could join the pod.