Post A Bump

Post seed bumps – as examples for your member Bumpers to follow:

1. Click on the “+” sign on the Home Page. 

2. You have a selection of Bump Type Groups to choose from, but for our “Fairy Doors in Hong Kong” pod example, let’s pick “Post” bump types, and then “Share a Place”.

A quick summary of what the different bump groups are:

  • Chat: these bump types indicate that you are looking for responses from your pod’s Bumpers. “Ask a Question” and “Start a Chat”

  • Post: these bump types are typically what you use to share something that you think would interest your pod members. “Share a Place”, “Share an Event”, “Post an Article”, “Share Something”

  • Fun Emotion: these bump types are for expressing your emotions with friends at locations. For example, if you’re really upset with the service at a business, you could vent a little by leaving your friends a “poop” emotion there, and they will likely see it when the go near the location. Fun emotions can only be addressed to friends and friends-only pods. “Heart Message’, “Poop Message”, “Note Message”, and a series of “Surprises”

  • Shoutout: these bump types are very powerful. They push notify Bumpers near you of your message. These bump types require a lot of nuggets. “Shoutout” and “Alert”

3. Take a picture (or select one or more from your photo library). 

4. Make the photo interesting.

5. Fill in the bump details. 

Location: By default, the bump will be located where you are. However, you can easily position the bump to a different location either by dragging on the map, or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and search for your location. 

Text: Tell your pod members, what is interesting about this place. 

Link: You can attach external links or links to other bumps using the link icon. 

Media: You can add other images or videos to the bump using the media icon. 

Post to Pod: Select a pod to post the bump to. Here select your pod “Fairy Doors in Hong Kong”.

Personal Folder: The bump will be saved in one of your personal folders. A default one is selected for you. 

Post: Post will always save to a personal folder, and, if you selected a pod, it will post the bump to the pod as well. If you did not select a pod for this bump, you can assign it to a pod later.